What makes us special?

Tailor-Made Tour

These tours are made to measure according to your wishes. Every little detail is planned to pamper you and give you the best experience of our granitic islands.

Small Group Tours

Designed with a maximum of eight participants in mind, our small group excursions guarantee a high level of customer service and lasting memories.

Run by the locals

The management and staff of Indigo Seychelles are Seychellois We know the destination, are happy to share our culture and can give you an authentic Seychelles experience.

Safety first

All our tours are designed with your safety in mind. We will not take you exploring if we believe that it is dangerous. We amend itineraries to fit in with weather conditions.

Expert Tour Designers

We have been designing tours for many years. We know our islands and know how to adapt all itineraries to deal with current weather patterns and client requirements.

Incomparable trips

All our itineraries, be they for private tours or for small groups, are designed to be unique, to always surprise and delight; to offer something truly exclusive.

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Fond Ferdinand Reserve, Curieuse & St. Pierre

Hike through a tropical forest, discover stunning vistas, go snorkelling. An action-packed day!
May to August
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Line fishing, Sister & Cocos

Line fishing, a barbecue on Sister island, time on a gorgeous beach, snorkelling. Great fun for families with kids 4 years and above.
November to April

Time to celebrate!

Join us to celebrate your special occasion or organise a special event. We incorporate your celebration into your excursion to give you a truly wonderful experience.

Tailor-made private excursions

Discover our islands in comfort and at your own pace with a custom excursion especially made for you.
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Coast of Praslin, Cocos & Curieuse

This tour includes a trip to one of the best snorkelling spots around Praslin. You may get to meet a friendly turtle there!
September to October
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Anse Georgette, Anse Lazio, Curieuse, St. Pierre & La Digue

This tour is perfect for those who wish to see a variety of locations at a very relaxed rate. It is ideal for families with children.
June, September & October
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Wrapped & Ready 4 - Snorkelling + Giant Tortoises

A private guided snorkelling trip and a quick visit to Curieuse island to see the giant tortoises. For two people only.
2 persons
6 years +(accompanied by an adult)

Scuba diving

Both certified divers and beginners are welcome to incorporate a personalised scuba diving session in their private tour itinerary.
All year round
Scuba Diving
What can you do with us?


Having a meal in the Seychelles

Food is our common ground, a universal experience. -James Beard (1903-1985) – an American chef and food writer
All year round
Having a meal in Seychelles

Island hopping in the Seychelles

Seychelles is made up of 115 islands and to get a real feel of the country one should definitely visit more than one of its islands.
All year round
Island Hopping

Fishing in Seychelles

Being in Seychelles means having the chance to fish. We practice both bottom fishing with line bait and hook and trolling, with rods and reels.
September to May

Guided Snorkelling Trips

Indigo Seychelles has taken snorkelling to a new level with our signature snorkelling tours. Do a private tour to learn a new skill and discover the underwater world with us!
All year round
Guided Snorkelling

Scuba diving

Both certified divers and beginners are welcome to incorporate a personalised scuba diving session in their private tour itinerary.
All year round
Scuba Diving
Where can you go with us?


Félicité Island

Located next to Cocos islet, Félicité is best known for its underwater scene. It does not have the richest reef around Praslin but it is a great spot to visit if you have not found any sea turtles at Cocos.
September to May

Marianne Island

Marianne boasts the best underwater granite formations in the area and is a great adventure for experienced divers. During October and November it is a favourite spot for grey reef sharks.

Mahé Island

The largest island of the Seychelles, Mahé, offers the visitor a wide range of activities and places to visit. Rich in history and nature, Mahé has something to delight all your senses.
All year round

St.Pierre Islet

This islet used to be a favourite snorkelling site around Praslin. After being affected by coral bleaching due to a rise in sea temperatures the reef surrounding this island is slowly recovering.
All year round
St. Pierre

Praslin Island

On Praslin island you can find a World Heritage site: the palm forest that is home to the Coco De Mer and other endemic palms. It is also a good excursion base from which you can visit many other islands.
All year round

La Digue Island

La Digue is the most charming island of the Seychelles, where time seems to flow at its own special pace. This is the place for ox-carts, bicycles and most importantly; world-famous beaches.
All year round
La Digue

Sister Island

One of the quietest islands around Praslin, Sister´s main beach is stunning from November to April, although the island is accessible year round and offers a beautiful backdrop to a delicious barbecue.
November to May

Cocos Islet

The best snorkelling spot around Praslin is Cocos islet.It lies to the north of La Digue and is a favourite haunt of the local turtles. A variety of sea-life can be seen there such as eagle-spotted rays and parrot fishes.
September – May

Curieuse Island

Do giant tortoises fascinate you? Do you see want to see them roaming around freely? Would you like to get close to them and touch them and take a walk through the mangroves? Curieuse is the place to go!
All year round

Cousin Island

Formerly a coconut plantation, Cousin is now the Winner of several eco-tourism awards. It is a world famous bird sanctuary 15 minutes away from Praslin by boat. A must for bird and nature lovers alike.
All year round

Aride island

Hosting more species of breeding sea birds than any island in the Seychelles as well as a rich variety of flora, Aride is a lesson in conservation and the perfect destination for nature lovers.
November to May