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Few  rocky islands in the world are as photographed as Cocos Islet. The small island is made of rocks and a few palm trees as well as a small beach which is only visible at low tide. It became a National Park in 1996. You may wonder what can be so important about some granite rocks, albeit beautiful, to warrant such protection, but Cocos’ treasure lies underneath the sea. It is well known as one of the best spots for snorkelling and diving around Praslin. Cocos’ shallow waters suffered tremendously from El Nino, the phenomena which causes a rise in sea water temperature and results in coral bleaching. However due to large underwater areas covered by granite which is a stable surface for the settlement of coral larvae, Cocos is gradually regaining its natural beauty. With a beautiful array of fishes and corals, Cocos is also a favourite spot for the Hawksbill turtle. Many of our clients have had a chance to make their acquaintances there! It is an experience to be cherished.

Lying only 7 km North of La Digue, Cocos islet is within easy reach and can be effortlessly incorporated in any island hopping itinerary around Praslin.

As it is a National Marine Park, an entrance fee needs to be paid to visit it.

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