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Approximately 5 nautical miles from Praslin, lies Cousin island. Formerly a coconut plantation purchased by Birdlife International in 1968 (then called the International Council for the Protection of Birds), Cousin is now an example of genuine eco-tourism in practice. The initial aim of the organisation, was the protection of the Seychelles Warbler, one of our endemic birds that was facing extinction. As part of conservation efforts, the coconut plantation was removed allowing the growth of the islands’ original vegetation. The Seychelles warbler was saved, and now the island is home to 5 of our 11 endemic landbirds. Not only does it host land birds and is a nesting ground for sea birds, but it also offers a safe haven for nesting Hawksbill turtles.

Cousin has won several eco-tourism awards and participates in the Carbon Neutral Scheme. It has funded climate adaptation projects in countries such as Brazil and Sudan, with money derived from eco-tourism in Seychelles.

Cousin is a must for bird and nature lovers. The island is open from Monday -Friday in the mornings and is closed on weekends. Visitors to the island have to pay an entrance fee to visit Cousin.

A visit to Cousin fits in perfectly in an itinerary including island hopping to Curieuse, the coast of Praslin or La Digue.

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