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Curieuse is an island with a past and offers visitors not only beautiful sights but also an interesting look into Seychelles history. It used to be an old leper asylum, hosting the people of Seychelles who suffered from this dreadful disease. The remains of this old establishment, which was in operation intermittently from 1829 to 1968, can still be seen around the island.

But that is not all. Earlier, in 1771, sailors who thought it was a brilliant idea to burn the vegetation to the ground in order to better harvest the Coco De Mer, set Curieuse on fire. Most of the island´s forests were destroyed as well as many of the precious Coco De Mer trees.

In 1979 things took a turn for the better. The island became a National Park and is today home to many free roaming giant tortoises, a few Coco de Mer plants, a mangrove swamp and many fishes, turtles and all sorts of underwater life which are now protected on the island and its surrounding seas. Curieuse is also a haven for the endemic Seychelles Black Parrot which can also be found in the Vallée de Mai nature reserve on Praslin.

On Curieuse you can take things easy by just relaxing on the beach and enjoying the beautiful rock formations or watching the giant tortoises as they roam around while we prepare a delicious Creole Beach BBQ especially for you. Alternatively you can make the most of the experience and also have a guided walk around the island.

A Curieuse excursion is often combined with a guided snorkelling trip within the marine Park, but it can easily be added to a more action packed day including fishing scuba diving or visiting the charming island of La Digue.

The Curieuse and St. Pierre National park, requires visitors to pay a unique entrance fee to visit both islands and their surrounding waters.

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