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Being in Seychelles means having the chance to fish, after all you are staying on islands surrounded by the Indian Ocean.

Fishing can be great fun for young and old and when you fish with us you know your catch will not be wasted. We use everything that we fish. You can take your catch with you to the hotel or we can use it as part of your meal.

Beginners are welcome and our crew will instruct and guide you while you fish. We practise both bottom fishing and trolling(not trawling, which involves a net being dragged across the sea floor and is very detrimental to the ocean.) Trolling is a method used to fish big game.

WHO CAN FISH WITH US? Both beginners and people who have previous fishing experience can fish with us. It should be noted however that though we do practise fishing and our clients have always caught something, our boat is not a specialist fishing boat. If you are a highly experienced fisherman who want to catch really big fish with specialist equipment we are not the best people for the job!
HOW CAN YOU FISH WITH US? We offer fishing both as a stand alone activity (half day fishing) or as part of a day excursion. We call these combined fishing trips as we combine 2 hours fishing with island hopping, snorkelling, hiking etc…
HOW MANY PEOPLE CAN FISH WITH US PER SESSION?: Due to the deployment of the rods, only 2 people can fight a fish at the same time, if you are a group of 4 (which is the limit for Big game fishing) you can take turns. If practising bottom fishing the 8 people can be fishing at the same time as you can do it all along the side of the boat.
WHERE DO WE FISH?: We fish on fishing grounds in the sea around Praslin and its surrounding islands. The exact fishing ground is chosen dependent on the weather and on the other elements on your custom-made itinerary.
CAN YOU DO BOTH FISHING STYLES IN ONE SESSION: Yes, of course you can. You only have to tell us ahead of time so that we prepare all the equipment. For bottom fishing we need bait for example, but only use lures for trolling. We can do bottom fishing for half the time and trolling for the other half. Note that we may need to change fishing locations to practice these two different methods.

TO NOTE:Fishing is extremely dependent on weather conditions. It may be sunny but if the wind is strong we will not fish. to fish we either have to completely stop the engines or move very slowly and both these things tend to lead to heavy motion sickness. In certain months of the year we tend not to offer fishing. These are June, July and parts of August. We provide fishing equipment but please feel free to bring your own.


Join us on a fishing trip using this technique to catch bottom dwellers such as groupers and snappers. A hand-line with a baited hook is lowered into the water until it reaches the bottom. For this type of fishing, the boat is either anchored or stays adrift. The fish caught are then hauled in by hand. The best time for fishing is early morning.

Bottom fishing is a favourite activity among children over six years old. It is carried out with utmost safety and the crew will handle the bait themselves and help the children to haul the fish into the boat.

We provide big game fishing trips to beginners and seasoned fishermen. Some of the fishes you may catch during this trip include dorado, wahoo, bonito and sailfish among others.

This fishing method involves a fishing lure being reeled out into the sea from a fishing rod and slowly towed behind the boat. The fish, attracted by the lure, attempt to take a bite and are caught on the hook in the lure. The fish caught is then reeled in by the use of a fishing rod. The rod handler has the choice of either using a fishing chair or belt to secure the rod when reeling the fish in. The best time to fish in Seychelles is early morning. Our boat has the capacity to deploy four fishing rods at a time.

Does it sound interesting to you? You can give it a try by booking a private half-day fishing trip. It is also possible for you to combine fishing with some of our other activities, such as snorkelling or island hopping. You only need to state your choices on our Design Your Excursion page and we will prepare an itinerary for you.

Beginners are welcome and our crew will instruct and guide you while you fish. We know the Seychelles fishing grounds and are experienced fishermen.

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