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Guided Snorkelling

Indigo Seychelles has taken snorkelling to a new level with our signature snorkelling tours. During our private tours, we offer snorkelling to everyone, including those who are not strong swimmers or have never tried it before. We use aids to keep you safe in the water and give you confidence.

Before going snorkelling we offer a briefing, telling you what you might see as well as how to behave in the water and around the animals and plants you might encounter. You then get to choose your snorkelling equipment with our help. We provide all the equipment, which is always kept in good condition. Upon entering the sea, you are accompanied by our guide who is also a First Aid and Diving instructor. He is always with you in the water. He will point out interesting things to you and draw your attention to things you might otherwise have missed. If you are lucky, you may be joined by a sea turtle and have a chance to swim with one of the oceans oldest creatures.

Once you are back on the boat, our guide will talk to you about the things that you have seen and will help you identify the fishes. This generally proves to be a great moment for our clients and we often have very lively discussions about the species seen, their importance to the ecosystem, their relevance to our culture and their protection.

We have different snorkelling sites, which vary according to sea conditions on the day of the tour.

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