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Seychelles is made up of 115 islands and to get a real feel of the country one should definitely visit more than one of its islands. We are based on Praslin island, the second largest island of the Seychelles and our island hopping itineraries will take you around the different islands of granitic Seychelles. They are designed to help you see more than one of the Seychelles islands in one day. As each island is different, on each island you can engage in a different activity making your day as action filled as you wish. We can pick you up from your hotel on Praslin, from La Digue jetty and at certain times during the year from islands a bit farther away such as Mahé, Silhouette and Frégate. If you are staying on Mahé you can easily come to Praslin by flying or take a fast ferry to come exploring with us. We meet you at the airport or the jetty on Praslin and drop you off there in the afternoon for your return to Mahé. Just let us know which island you are staying at and we can advise you how to join us.

Island hopping is great fun. You can visit the birds on Cousin island before touching the free roaming tortoises on Curieuse or start your day visiting the Vallee De mai and finish it with a snorkelling session at Cocos Islet. There are a variety of destinations and activities to choose from.

For more details of the different possibilities available visit Our Destinations page to find out what possibilities the different islands offer you. Island hopping can be combined with some of our other activities such as snorkelling, fishing or diving to give you a real Seychelles experience.

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