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La Digue

The most charming of the Seychelles islands, La Digue offers most modern technology with a twist.  When one steps foot on it, one travels back in time.  Ox-carts, bicycles and legs are the means of transport on this small paradise, as the amount of motor vehicles are carefully controlled. Surrounded by friendly locals, nice views as well as verdant plants and beautiful flowers, one often gets the feeling that they are in another world. The peacefulness of La Digue and its relaxed way of life is not easily forgotten. Neither are the sights it has to offer.

The L’Union Estate, which is made up of a plantation house and exhibits of life in Seychelles in the days gone by is an interesting place to visit. There you can learn how copra was made, or see how the plants were harvested.

A trip to the Paradise Flycatcher reserve may also prove to be interesting especially for bird lovers.

It is however the beaches of the island that are known world wide, Anse Source d’Argent with its stunning rock formations, Anse Coco for its quietness and remoteness, or Grand Anse for its long stretch of white sand and strong waves.

We offer La Digue excursions in combination with other activities or destinations, but you are always welcome to enjoy a quieter day featuring this island and all it has to offer for a full day tour.

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