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The main island of Mahé is the economic and social hub of the Seychelles. It hosts the international airport, the main international port of the Seychelles and Victoria, the capital of our small island state. The highest peak of the Seychelles, Morne Seychellois is found on Mahé and a large area of the island is dedicated to National land and Marine parks.

A walk through the town of Victoria, is a must if you would like to see how the Seychellois live. The Victoria Market is a bustling centre of activity, where people shop, chat and people-watch. Stalls in the market that may be of special interest to visitors are those selling locally prepared spices, fresh tropical fruits and souvenirs. Other hot spots in Victoria include the clock tower, a replica of London´s Little Ben or Vauxhall clock as it is otherwise known, the Pirates Arms, one of the oldest restaurants in the capital and the Codevar building which houses many souvernir shops.

There is much more to Mahé than the capital though. The north of the island boasts one of the longest beaches on the island, Beau Vallon. This area was originally one of the more tourism developed areas on the island.  It is home to iconic eateries such as the Boat House, which serves typically creole buffet dinners and is a favourite among locals as well as visitors, or the Baobab Pizzeria, possibly one of the oldest on the island. As children we used to love to watch the catch come in on Beau Vallon beach, especially when the fishermen were hauling in their nets full of mackerel!

The  south of Mahé is also full of surprises, from secluded coves, to plantation houses and gardens, this part of the island is more laid back. The centre of Mahé is full of hills, affording the visitor stunning views of the surrounding islands and of Mahé’s mountains.

A trip to Mahé offers you a chance to visit the main island of our archipelago, learn more about our history, observe the Seychellois as they go about as you listen to the lilt of the Seychelles Creole and see some truly breathtakingly beautiful sights. It would be a pity to leave it out of your itinerary.

Our excursions to Mahé are full day excursions dedicated only to this island. It cannot be combined with other destinations. The perfect choice of meal here would be a take away, as you can enjoy it while relaxing on a beach but a restaurant meal is also possible.

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