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St. Pierre

Located in the Bay of Côte D’or, St. Pierre forms part of the Curieuse National Marine park. It is frequented by snorkellers and divers alike who wish to enjoy the underwater life it supports. St. Pierre is made up of some stunning rock formations and trees and is worth a visit even if only to take some photographs.

A trip to St. Pierre is often taken in conjunction with a Curieuse visit, as they form part of the same Marine Park and one entrance fee covers both locations.

Many people like to combine a guided tour of Curieuse island, followed by a beach barbecue with a snorkelling trip to St Pierrre.

Due to global warming, we unfortunately saw a bleaching of corals on the reef around St. Pierre over 15 years ago. It is now no longer the best place to snorkel but life is coming back to it slowly.

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