Enjoy a tour, entirely custom-made for you. A unique tour for a unique you!

Bespoke = Made to measure according to a clients specification.

We started Indigo Seychelles because we were convinced that there needed to be another type of excursion offered among our islands. One that pampered our guests and allowed them to really choose where they wanted to go and what they wanted to do.

This is what we have specialised in over the past 5 years and our clients have absolutely loved the freedom of choosing their own itinerary and the flexibility our excursions offer them.

For us it is an absolute joy to work with our clients to plan their bespoke trip. It is wonderful to see them enjoying it and most of all to see them smiling more at the end of an excursion than when they started it.

The Indigo Seychelles private excursions are well-known now due to the clients who have spread the word. We owe our success to you our clients, who have trusted us to plan something special. The fact that we continue offering private trips is a testimony to our dedication to continually improve and keep our clients at the centre of any trip we organise.

If you wish to really know the granitic Seychelles and have a unique experience of it, this is the perfect excursion for you.

Allow us to show you our country and help you experience it in a truly exceptional way.

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