The best things come in small packages...

Life is made up of milestones; our child´s first step, the first day at school, the first time we fall in love, the university graduation, our first job, a wedding, a birthday. We spend so much time working, studying and doing that we do not take time to celebrate these moments.

At Indigo Seychelles, we invite you to set aside all the tasks that usually fill your day and spend some time rejoicing.  Our special occasion tours are journeys to inspire, where you take a while to pay tribute to these special moments.

We celebrate your milestones tailor-making the event to suit your needs and wishes. It is a time to escape and delight in the little things.

We are more than happy to incorporate a celebration into your excursion with us.  So if you wish to celebrate a renewal of vows, a birthday, a graduation, publishing your first book or if you are a company wanting to reward your workers for a job well done or do some team building exercises just get in touch with us.

We promise you an everlasting memory.

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Join us to celebrate your special occasion or organise a special event. We incorporate your celebration into your excursion to give you a truly wonderful experience.
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