1. Credit Card payments

Credit card payments are collected by Trekksoft AG acting as an authorised agent of Indigo Seychelles (PTY) Ltd. Subsequently, Trekksoft AG will appear as Trekksoft Tour booking – on your credit card statement.

The domain where you enter and process your payment is owned and operated by TrekkSoft AG.


  1. Excursions with limited Participation:

Reservations on Group Excursions are made on a first come first serve basis. The number of places on these trips are limited to 10 and reservation requests will be processed as received. Places on the excursions will be reserved upon submitting your credit card details and paying the booking deposit. Note that we will not bill you the full amount for your excursion until the day of the excursion itself. When excursions are fully booked, additional requests will be put on a waiting list in the order received. Should there be a cancellation when you are on the waiting list, confirmation of your reservation will be made to you at the latest 24 hrs before said excursion.


III. Prices:

The published prices of both Group Excursions and Private Boat Charters are subject to change without notice. Prices are confirmed at the time of booking, submission of your credit card details and payment of the booking deposit. Once you have submitted your details to us we will not change the prices.


  1. Payment:

Both Group Excursions and Private tailor-made tours and transfers are to be reserved with a credit card and the payment of the booking deposit. The remainder of the payment is accepted in cash or via MasterCard or Visa Card in person for private tailor-made tours and transfers. The remainder of the payment for Group Tours and Wrapped and Ready Private Tours are processed online through Trekksoft AG via the debit and credit cards accepted by the payment gateway provided by Trekksoft AG. Not submitting your credit card details or paying the booking deposit signifies that no place is reserved on a Group Excursion. It also means no reservation is made for the Private tour(s) and Indigo Seychelles (PTY) ltd, can let the boat out to other paying clients on the day you requested. Under no circumstances will our representative request for you to pay any services at pick up at your hotel on the day of the event unless previously agreed in writing with our sales team and management. If anyone approaches you requesting payment at pick up please refuse to do so until you have contacted us, as they may have fraudulent intentions. You may be requested to pay for certain extra services on Set Excursions upon provision (e.g Alcoholic drinks) or in the case of Private Boat Charters Entrance fees and Alcoholic drinks. You will be advised of all services requiring extra payment upon provision, at the time of booking.


  1. Refunds:

In the event of any excursion being cancelled before departure due to any reasons beyond our control, a full refund minus the booking deposit will be provided. Should Group Tours and Private Excursions need to be abandoned due to Force Majeure or difficulties en route, the amount refunded will be in accordance with the circumstances. Indigo Seychelles (PTY) ltd may not be held responsible for delays due to mechanical failure, or other issues that may arise and are outside of our control. Note that all refunds due to client cancellations will be made in accordance with our cancellation policy.


  1. Cancellation Policy:

All Group Tours may be cancelled up to 5 days before the event without any penalisation save for the booking deposit which is not refundable. Any cancellations between 2 and 5 days prior to the event will incur a 50% cancellation fee, on top of the booking deposit. Cancellations within 2 days of the event are non-refundable and will be charged 100% cancellation fee.

All Bespoke Private Tours and Transfers may be cancelled up to 5 days before the event without any penalisation save for the booking deposit which is not refundable. Cancellations of Private Boat Tours and Transfers within 5 days are non-refundable and will be charged a 100% cancellation fee. The management may however, in such cases, should there be availability, postpone the Private Boat Charter to another date.


VII. Transportation:

Indigo Seychelles (PTY) Ltd will provide you with transportation between the embarkation point and your hotel on Praslin island. This will take the form of Indigo’s own motor vehicle or a third party provider in the form of a taxi. Depending on the logistics and location of your hotel, our boat Angelique could even pick you up directly on the beach in front of your hotel. For clients coming from Mahé and La Digue, Indigo Seychelles (PTY) Ltd will provide you with transportation to and from the Praslin Jetty or Airport save that you make alternative arrangements with the company. You will be informed of transportation arrangements and times at your time of booking or on the day before the event.


VIII. Excursion times:

Please note that out of respect for all our clients we will strictly stick to our departure times. We ask you to be present in the appointed place at the appointed time for your pick up. To avoid confusion, our representative will ask you to confirm your name upon meeting you and will check it against a client list we have prepared. We will always request an electronic or paper receipt to verify your Group Tour booking.


  1. Gift certificates and Group tour vouchers:

Indigo Seychelles (PTY) ltd offers clients the possibility of purchasing Gift Certificates and Group Tour vouchers.  Should you have booked a Gift Certificate, we will always request the presentation of these documents on the day of our pre-excursion meeting in the case of Wrapped and Ready Tours or Bespoke Tour certificates. We will request the presentation of the Group Tour vouchers on the day of the group excursion itself.


  1. Personal possessions:

All personal articles remain at all times under the clients’ custody and control. Indigo Seychelles (Pty) Ltd advises clients not to leave their possessions unattended at any time and may not be held responsible for the clients´ personal belongings. Indigo Seychelles (Pty) Ltd may, in no circumstances be held responsible for theft, loss or damage to any client’s personal possessions.


  1. Personal Fitness and Health:

All clients are responsible for ensuring they are in suitable physical condition for all tours: all participants should be in good physical health. If you harbour any doubts on your level of personal fitness and ability to carry out any activity such as hiking, diving, snorkelling, cycling, disembarking from the boat during wet landings, you must consult your doctor and advise us of your concerns. All tours require some walking and our tours may include other physical activities such as hiking, diving, snorkelling, cycling, fishing or disembarking from the boat during wet landings to name a few. Details about each tour are provided to you on our website before you book with us. Indigo Seychelles (Pty) Ltd advises all clients to read the itineraries carefully and ask us any questions they may have before booking.

Any medical condition or medication being taken that may affect your health or participation must be notified to us in writing prior to the event and must be accompanied by a doctor’s certificate to verify your fitness to participate in our tours. Please pay special attention to your health and medication when booking a diving tour. If you have any concerns about your ability to dive kindly go and visit a doctor before you reach Seychelles and carry out a diving medical test.

Indigo Seychelles (Pty) Ltd requests that all clients travel with sea/motion sickness medicine as the sea can sometimes get agitated. We also request that clients inform us of any allergies, phobias or special dietary requirements, so that we may take this into account in the organisation of our tours. Should these not be communicated to us in writing, Indigo Seychelles (Pty) Ltd accepts no responsibility, liability or obligation in the event of illness, injury, death or discomfort caused by allergies, phobias or special dietary requirements during the course of any of our tours or activities.

Sadly the streets of Seychelles in general and most importantly, most of the places we visit are not wheelchair friendly. We are in general unfortunately unable to accommodate anyone with a severely reduced mobility on any of our Group Tours. There are exceptions however depending on the itinerary and the client in question, so we do advise all our clients to contact us and request information about doing an excursion with us. Indigo Seychelles (Pty) Ltd promises to consider every case and reply to you about the available possibilities for clients with reduced mobility.

All our tours and activities are undertaken at the client´s own risk. We accept no responsibility, liability or obligation in the event of illness, injury or death during our tours and activities. Indigo Seychelles (Pty) Ltd strongly recommends that all clients take out a personal accident insurance cover to help them out in the event of an accident.


XII. Changes in itinerary:

Your safety and comfort is important to us. Indigo Seychelles (Pty) Ltd reserves the right to change the order of a route based on weather, sea conditions or for reasons of personal safety, on the day of your tour. Please be assured that we will always do it to give you the best experience possible.


XIII. Personal responsibility and behaviour:

Indigo Seychelles (Pty) Ltd reserves the right for its guides to make the decisions based on weather, sea conditions or for reasons of personal safety, and it is a condition of your booking that you comply with these decisions at all times. Should you decide not to comply, you will be affecting the smooth operation of the tour. In these cases our guides may need to remove you from the tour. Any client whose conduct is considered to pose a risk or nuisance to others, or disturbs a tour in any way will not be allowed to continue on the tour. We will not refund or cover any cost or expenses incurred due to unacceptable behaviour.


XIV. Weather:

Seychelles is tropical and is positioned in the middle of the Indian Ocean. As such, the sea is normally slight and at times moderate. A normal day is characterised by a mixture of sunshine, slight rainfall and some clouds. However you may be blessed with a full day of sunshine, ultra-calm seas and crystal clear waters.

Should weather conditions be extreme, we would for security and safety reasons postpone the trip or cancel and refund it if there are no other possibilities. Your comfort and safety comes first and we will not take you out to sea if we know through information received from the meteorological services, that there will be pouring rain the whole day through, excessive winds or extremely high waves.


  1. Changes in itinerary:

Your safety and comfort is important to us. Indigo Seychelles reserves the right to change the order of a route based on weather and sea conditions on the day of your tour. Please be assured that we will always do it to give you the best experience possible.


XVI. Environmental protection:

Indigo Seychelles (Pty) Ltd is a company conceived with the aim of providing fun and unforgettable excursions and charters while cultivating the sense of environmental responsibility, appreciation and sustainability in our clients. As such we take environmental protection seriously. We request that our clients be respectful of the nature surrounding them when they are enjoying one of our excursions. Clients should not litter or step off the path during a guided walk. They should avoid standing on corals when swimming and snorkelling and follow all indications related to safety and environmental protection during their Group tours and Private Excursions with us.